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DONE 1. Integrate volunteers into the system, so that it's easy to send them emails. Perhaps when they click "submit", just create an account for them automatically if they don't already have one.

DONE 2. Cancelled classes/sections - need a "cancel class/cancel section" button (with confirmation, of course) that will do all of the following:

  • Mark the class/section as "cancelled"
  • e-mail all current students in it
  • Remove all current students from it
  • Add the class/section to an easily accessible "cancellations" page that we can view/print on the day of Splash. (Should not do this step if a class/section is cancelled when there are no students in it.)

DONE 3. A good way to email all teachers of a particular subset of classes, e.g.,

  • dance classes
  • computer classes
  • meeting point classes

4. A way to generate a "teacher check-in" spreadsheet, with the following information per teacher per day:

  • name
  • earliest class on that day
  • whether they need a projector for any class on that day

This can then be imported into our Google doc teacher check-in spreadsheet. Better yet, add a teacher check-in feature to the website that we can use instead of the Google doc.

5. A way to search by keyword for students, teachers, and classes, and retrieve relevant information about them for present and past programs. This is useful in situations like when a teacher says "The room you gave me last time was too small".