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Here I put old information that has been removed from the web page but which we will want to restore once student and/or teacher registration begins. This page probably looks like a mess because I've copied HTML code directly which will be interpreted by the wiki in a strange way.

Files we might want to reuse from Spring 2010

File:Department Contact Info.xls


File:Spring 2010 teacher flyer 2.pdf (black and white)

File:Spring 2010 teacher flyer 1.pdf (color)

File:Spring 2010 student flyer.pdf

File:Spring 2010 student flyer spanish.pdf


Spring-2010-student-flyer-c.gif (chinese?)

Spring-2010-student-flyer-s.gif (spanish)

Student poster.jpg

File:Educator flyer.pdf

File:Educator flyer.doc

File:T-shirt Final Design 2010.jpg (can't view this in my browser)

Notes taken from old ABOUT page on stanfordesp.com

2/16/2010 Our Educational Mission Diverse people at different stages of their lives discover diverse muses and so we all have our special sources of inspiration, creativity and motivation. The mission of the Stanford ESP community is to reach out, to enthuse other young eager minds, and share our muses and sources of joy and inspiration with people around us.

Our current agenda centers around sharing our knowledge and creativity with high school students, through conducting extensive academic and non-academic classes. We are just at the starting phase of Stanford ESP, and with your support we hope to expand and reach out to more people, students and teachers alike.

More About ESP Through an extensive offering of academic and non-academic classes, ESP hopes to provide a unique, affordable educational experience for motivated high school students. ESP classes would be developed and taught by Stanford students, alumni, and faculty, as well as members of the Bay area community. Our students would be given the chance to learn from passionate and knowledgeable teachers; our teachers can gain experience developing their own curricula with access to students with the strongest desire to learn. We hope this would result in an energetic dynamism that would foster creativity and innovation.

ESP invites students and teachers from all walks of life for classes that could vary from completely “non-academic” stuff like cookie baking and origami, to complicated and challenging classes on machine theory or quantum mechanics. Our organization aims to provide exciting, thoughtful and meaningful classes for anyone with the desire to learn.

Variety and Experimentation If you feel that you cannot get out of bed in the morning without a cup of coffee, then why not teach others about coffee cultivation and the fascinating process by which it finally gets into your morning cup! If it’s not the lack of coffee, but the subtleties of general relativity that tease you in the morning, then why not convey the same enthusiasm (and frustration) to a bunch of eager young high school students? Teach anything. Do anything. Just convey enthusiasm, innovation and passion.