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This list is an attempt to get everything that needs to be done on one page with some idea when it needs to be done. The goal is that by each of the benchmarks listed below, everything under that benchmark and all the ones before it is done. As always, if you see something missing from this list please add it. Also, if you are the expert on a task and its in the wrong place please move it. If you've never done a task before but want to change the timing anyway, don't. Here's the list broken down by teams and weekly goals. File:Weekly Plan.xls

2011 Working Task List

Six Months Before Splash

  • Determine Date of Splash
  • File Room Reservation on mygroups2
  • Get written confirmation for Bldgs 60, 160, 260 to registrar

Two Months Before Splash

  • Design Student Flyer
  • Design Teacher Flyer
  • Design T-shirt

One Month Before Splash

  • Reserve Space in Roble Gym
  • Call food vendors to warn of large order
  • Reserve Space in Bldg 110
  • E-mails sent to departments
  • E-mails sent to Stanford public lists
  • Tabling
  • Flyering
  • Organize Teacher Training
  • Call schools
  • Someone is in charge of recruiting volunteers

Two Weeks Before Splash

  • Order Waste Bins
  • File PO for ABM
  • Order T-shirts
  • Schedule Classes
  • Mail everything to schools

One Week Before Splash

Thursday Before Splash

  • Order lunch, file priority check requests
  • Coffee ordered for Parents' Lounge
  • All teacher training complete

Friday Before Splash

  • ASSU + Varian Tables moved to Parents' Lounge
  • Snacks and drinks purchased, drinks stored someplace cold
  • Day-of-Splash Supplies purchased
  • Day-of-Splash Printing (Someone who knows about printing please expand this item)
  • Post-Splash surveys in-place online
  • Reminder e-mails to teachers, students and volunteers
  • All volunteers recruited and assigned jobs