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Emails and Recipients!

The text for most of the emails can be found here (in summary): email texts. Below you can find the types of people we should email, and emails that could be sent to them.

Email flyer

Email flyer

Posting to Public Lists:

  • Go to these website and put our event on the calendar:
    • Student Events is the official calendar of the Undergrad Senate. Its administrator can be reached at calendareditor@stanford.edu .
    • Events is the official calendar of the various things going on at Stanford.
    • Gradevents or Grad Events
      • Update from GSC (Jan 2011): "SUBMISSIONS MADE TO THE OLD SYSTEM WILL NOT BE SEEN BY THE GSC AND WILL NOT FULFILL YOUR REQUIREMENT. To submit to our list, please create an event in a Google® Calendar/Microsoft® Outlook/ Apple® iCal compatible application and invite stanfordgsccalendar@gmail.com to it. Yes, invites to facebook® events are compatible. Do NOT send the invite to stanfordgscfunding@gmail.com - these are two very different accounts."
  • Public mailing lists to spam:
    • service4all@lists.stanford.edu
    • service4sci_eng@lists.stanford.edu (no longer exist)
    • the_diaspora@lists.stanford.edu (no longer exist)
    • comunidad@lists.stanford.edu (no longer exist)
    • activists@lists.stanford.edu.

You need to join these lists before you are allowed to post to them. To join these lists go to http://www.stanford.edu/services/mailman/ and searching for the list name and then requesting to join it. This will take a day or 2, so make sure to do this way early. Also respam a couple times.

Send the email flyer only

Respam twice (initial email, plus reminder of impending deadline, plus deadline extension)

SUBJECT: Teach anything at Stanford Splash!

Department Lists:

Check here for department addresses and assignments:

  • E-mail List (Update this as you find e-mails that have changed)

For department chairs and admins, use the following plus the email-flyer:

Department Chair Email

Clubs Lists:

Find any club you feel like would have a fun class at: mygroups


Club President Email

Sports teams:

Try to contact the community service reps for sports teams, and invite them to do their community service as a team by teaching at Splash. Besides e-mailing individuals, I tried using *the athletics website

Past Teachers:

Right around the time teacher reg opens, an email should be sent to the list of previous Splash teachers.

Teachers who taught before

Respam (initial email, plus deadline extension)

Previous teacher reminder email

Teachers who signed up before but didn't teach

Respam (initial email, plus deadline extension)

Previous teacher reminder email 2

Theme/Focus Houses:

Theme and focus undergrad houses have special academic or interesting interests like community service, writing, etc. You can find a list of the themed houses at http://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/resed/news/preassignment. e-mail the themed house RFs or faculty, or try google searching for the house to find their website and get a contact there. Send them a nice message (on the google doc of e-mail message) and the most current flyer.

Theme house email

Lists of names we've collected over the past:

Also make sure to spam the lists of names that we have collected over the past rounds of tableing. They can be found on the google groups at tableing: people+to+spam+v3.doc (April 11 2009, shuai) and splash names 09 version2.xls (Sep 26 2009, Liz)

Additional emails

Short blurb for when a long one is not appropriate

Short email

Teachers who registered to teach but haven't made a class yet

(take the html from the 'edit' page of the wiki)

HTML emails to send from the website to people who haven't signed up a class but have registered


Teacher registration deadline 1

DEADLINE EXTENDED, same group of teachers who don't have classes yet:

Teacher registration deadline extended

Regular Communication

Splash is Back E-mail

Full Class E-mail

Teacher Quiz E-mail

Day Before Splash E-mail