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Splash administration is divided into several administrative teams which are directly responsible for different aspects of organizing Splash. Here, we list the different responsibilities and tasks associated with each team.

Team Members and Titles:


  • Bradley Emi
  • Enze Chen


  • Will Gearty
  • Katherine Sytwu


  • Marcus Gomez

Meeting Czar

  • Brian Ngo

Website & Technology

  • Will Gearty
  • Ben Spar

Teacher and Volunteer Recruitment

  • Ben Spar

Outreach/Underserved Student Recruitment

  • Tim Abbott

Parents' Program

  • Jenny Han
  • Connie Xiao

Teacher Development

  • Cindy Nguyen

Teacher Logistics

  • Nicholas Rodriguez

Walk-in Activities

  • Glenn Yu


  • Will Gearty

Student Experience

  • Andy Chen

Ambassador Coordinator

  • Jenny Han

Social Chair

  • Ben Spar


  • Chaitanya Asawa
  • Marcus Gomez

Student Recruitment

Logistics & Scheduling

Social Media

Team Descriptions and Responsibilities

Find here a list of general responsibilities and expectations for teams and their leaders.

Timeline of Team Responsibilities

A guideline for what has to be done when. These are prone to change as our numbers grow and schedules change, but is a good place to check for an overview of how things have been done in the past.

Notes on Implementations

Detailed notes for teams and their work. Should be heavily edited and updated with information as we progress, so that next time we know the details of what we were doing.

Student Recruitment

Underprivileged Student Recruitment

Graphic Design


Non-Technical Web

Volunteers Recruitment

  • Compile a list of dorm mailing list that we have access to
  • Update the database (all the organizations, their leaders and emails) one or two months before the actual SPLASH
  • Make poster posting more organized (Doodle): compile a list of buildings or dorms let people sign up

LU rep

Leadership and Logistics