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Long in Advance

  • Contact EMTs [Directors]
  • Contact SPOON [Lunch Manager]
  • Reserve Rooms for Splash [Directors, Presidents]
    • Registrar rooms through MyGroups
    • Dance Space through Roble and Tresidder Meeting Services
    • Cooking Spaces
      • (NACC, probably -- we had problems with Arilliaga)
    • Computer Labs through Gates
      • (Or don't -- we didn't this last Splash, and there were no problems.)
      • Work order to turn on AC in Gates basement
    • Teacher dinner --- Oak lounge through Tresidder Meeting Services
  • Invite admins from other Splashes to our Splash
  • Verify Old Union Room reservations [Meeting Czar]
  • Fall: Apply for GSC funding
    • (This may not work, since we have special fees from undergraduates.)
  • Determine dates for next Splash [Presidents]
    • Add Splash to
    • (Work around football schedule, PSATs, and Model UN)

By Two Months Before Splash

  • Place Work Orders [Directors]
    • Janitorial/UNICO request
    • BGM request to turn off sprinklers
    • PSSI request
    • Event and Labor Services request
    • Public Safety request
  • Contact LU about Parents Program
  • Spring: Fill out Special Fees paperwork (Add ~10% to the budget.) [Financial Officer, Presidents]
  • Email bookstore and MemChu about Splash
  • Table for Activities Fair (Fall:NSO, grad student fair; Spring: pro fro weekend) [Teacher and Volunteer Recuitment]

By One Month Before Splash

  • Teacher training [Teacher Experience]
    • Generate dates
    • Contact trainers
    • Add dates to website
    • Reserve rooms
    • Train teachers
  • Contact restaurants (Pizza My Heart, Treehouse) about Splash lunch order [Lunch Manager]
  • Order tshirts for admins and teachers
  • Open teacher registration
    • Close teacher registration
  • Approve classes [Teacher Experience with help]
  • Schedule classes [Scheduling Team]
    • Schedule admin classes
      • (Directors not teaching simultaneously,
      • Presidents not teaching simultaneously,
      • Underserved only teaching midday)
    • Ask teachers to teach more sections
  • Schedule walk-in seminars [Walk-In Seminars]
    • Contact walk-in Seminar teachers
    • Create walk-in schedule printable
  • Open student registration [Web Team]
    • Close lottery
    • Run lottery
    • Open free registration
    • Close registration
  • Organize buses for underserved students [Underserved Student Recruitment]
  • Verify existence of Chromebooks, in Haas Center
  • Recruit Teachers [Teacher and Volunteer Recruitment]
    • Flyer campus
    • Table White Plaza (preferably with ice cream)
    • (Fall) Table at GOALIE and the Activities Fair
    • (Spring) Table at ProFro weekend.
  • Recruit Volunteers [Teacher and Volunteer Recruitment]
    • Flyer campus
  • Find hosts for visiting admins

By 2 Weeks Before Splash

By 1 Week Before Splash

During the Week Before Splash

  • Printing (student and teacher packets) [Printing Manager]
  • Set up student survey and teacher survey [Web team]
    • Test both surveys
      • (Have both up a week before Splash. Test them again that Friday.)
  • Email reminder to teachers
  • Email reminder to volunteers
  • Order food for teacher dinner [Directors]
  • Order food for Splash [Lunch Manager]
  • Run volunteer training [Teacher and Volunteer Recruitment, Directors]
    • (Maybe? Decide how effective this is)
  • Pick up chromebooks [Katie]
  • Pick up Coffee
  • Pick up tshirts
  • Print new signs as needed [Student Experience]
    • (template on the dropbox)
  • Generate Admin Binders [Directors]
    • Compile admin phone numbers
    • Schedule day manager shifts
  • Rent van [Trevor did this last Splash] Costco Run
    • Storage Run
  • Contact Building Managers [Directors]
    • Acquire keys for some buildings (60?)
    • Talk to Margo about the key to building 110.
  • Contact Stanford Daily

During Splash

  • Recruit new admins!
  • Email student survey
  • Email teacher survey
  • Email about teacher dinner

After Splash

  • Solicit suggestions from the admin team
  • Recap Splash
  • Read teacher surveys
  • Elections ( Leadership transition tasks)
  • Decide how much to donate to LU (we've done $3/attending student in the past)
  • Inventory
  • Gifts for people we like
  • Process Splash tuition
  • Reimburse teachers
  • Have everyone update the Wiki
  • Update date on website [Web Team]

Previous Splash Schedules