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Acquiring off-campus funding is a long process, complicated by stringent SAL restrictions and requirements. This is currently our first year looking for off-campus funding and the process was started at the end of June. We expect that SAL will return to us in the Fall and assist in finding organizations to ask for donations. It is likely that funding will first be available Spring 2012. Currently, Daniel Whalen - dwhalen AT - is interacting with SAL regarding grants, but more help will be needed as the process progresses.

Internal Stanford Funding

See Money Matters

SAL Restrictions

Our contact for the funding process is our SAL advisor, Troy Steinmetz - tstein32 AT SAL requirements are listed online. SAL has has strongly implied that we will not be able to access any local non-profit grantmakers because that might interfere with the Office of Development's other projects. They suggested that the best places to look will be LU, which would like to be our national organization, and local for-profit organizations with educational initiatives. More details will be available in the Fall when we start the process.


LU wants to give us lots of money. They also want to us to help write grants for them because they don't have any money yet. This will be sorted out in due time.

Alumni Donations

We will not look into alumni donations without running this past SAL and Development. Contacting alumni independently is a fast way to end up in a lot of trouble.


  • To increase access to Splash for low-income students from underserved communities

What specifically we're asking money for:

  • Buses to help transport low-income students to the Stanford campus
  • Financial aid for low-income students (good selling point)


  • How many more students want to go to college after going to Splash
  • Survey for students at these specific schools

Proposed Organizations

We haven't looked at these in more detail, but we've generated a few ideas for organizations to apply to, although this list will need to be rebuilt once we hear back from SAL.

GOOD RESOURCE - Foundation Center in SF:

Silicon Valley Community Foundation:

Berkeley SPO maintains a list of Bay Area Grantmakers:

David B Gold Foundation: