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Post 2011 Spring and 2012 Spring Recaps:


  • Recruit teachers FROM teachers (Middle School/ High School)
  • Make volunteer recruitment a major priority.
  • Athenian School (other private schools?)

Logistics day-of

  • Split up new registration and class changes!!!
  • Better handling of cancelled classes: live updates at front/ onsite? Better signage of what to do
  • Have those switching kids into new classes respect the requirements the teacher set for those classes. (Can have a little bit of flexibility on size (not always true!), DO NOT override age restrictions!)
  • Fix the printing situation
  • Move onsite to a better room-- the entrance is really not good/safe.
  • Have more volunteers patrolling quad corners to help kids find classes
  • Sell t-shirts also at the help desk
  • Use a queue and 'take a number' system for class changes
  • Onsite reg is too chaotic - maybe let students use laptops to add own classes?
  • Separate the rooms for new student reg and class changes
  • Make lunch free & charge higher reg price to decrease hassle of lunch tickets
  • Have a printer @ the help desk, too
  • Provide snacks for the kids; make sure they can eat as much pizza as they want!
  • Have better info about the parents program, maybe link prominently to it on the website. (We could have a parents' corner on the website.)
  • Use chalk or tall signs instead of strings in the ground for the lines at student reg
  • We could safely remove the (1/5)*(students who didn't order lunch) from our algorithm
  • Have informational brochures for people wandering by
  • Cleaning in Building 110 needs to be better
  • Revive the game room!
  • Move student reg closer to the help desk in the afternoon
  • Get Stanford EMS people to come spend time around campus (for free!) during Splash
  • Have a directions' desk with water and an umbrella


  • We need a lot of mac convertors. hdmi convertors?
  • Buy throat drops for the teachers’ lounge, along with the snacks.
  • Better yet, make a standard shopping list so we don't forget things like cough drops.

Emails to students

  • remind students to make a meeting point with their parents so that they can get home
  • In emails to students, remind them about onsite/ class changes
  • Have clear emails for students who have received financial aid.


  • Have a more permanent list of volunteers?
    • Perhaps create an official position for people who do not want to invest the time to be involved in the admin team but who would like to be more than 'just' a volunteer on the day of Splash
  • More little waste bins around teacher check in and in the teacher lounge. Or, someone in charge of general tidiness. Bits of stuff blowing around the quad and spilled foods in the lounge are not very nice. I also heard some of the bathrooms became quite unsanitary around the quad. Maybe having 1 volunteer always keeping an eye out for cleanliness during the middle/end of each day would be super useful.
  • Send a confirmation email to volunteers on day before (did we do this?)
  • More volunteers at onsite on Sat morning
  • Bring back the volunteer coordinator
  • Have more high school students volunteer


  • Signs were awesome! Need more signs around 160/200 (more more more)
  • Checking up on falling signs (clear shrink wrap from Uhaul store?)
  • Map of outside of quad?
  • Clearer coloring scheme for quad
  • For meeting points A ~ F, we shall include the actual venues on the signs so that if students are late, they know where to go.


  • Need to fix the survey for scales of 1-5 to make more sense
  • Need to add grade levels to survey
  • Make the student survey much shorter, and always make it work!
  • Remove the lunch section class from the student survey!

Class specific ideas

  • Have walk-in seminars
    • Specifically, we could develop some lecture courses and prepare all of the required material in advance. These classes, which could be taught by any admin, could be substituted for cancelled classes.
  • Collect info on where the 'meeting point' classes are going
  • Have people dedicated to class cancellations (maybe with roller blades)
  • designate classes as 'not drop in' so they stop appearing on the list of open classes 15 min before they begin (i.e. meeting point classes, classes that don't want to be interrupted)
  • Have subs for canceled classes (could be admins if we had enough volunteers; admin in charge of subs)
  • Implement an opt-out discussion panel for students from underserved schools
  • Implement some kind of attendance system to prevent kids from skipping classes and wandering campus
  • Ask teachers if they can designate classes as 'default', to allow lottery back-fill and remove blanks from schedules.
  • Require flaky teachers to have coteachers before accepting their future classes.
  • Plan of action for "problem" classes (when something goes wrong, what do we do!)
  • Subbing? General categories to replace cancelled classes

Student Registration

  • Make lottery information much clearer & better explain how students can optimize their lottery results.
  • The lottery should prioritize longer classes more
  • Create a 'cancel registration' button that removes you from all your classes, specifically one that works even after we have close student registration.
  • Pay online -> maybe more students will show up.
  • Make financial aid easier to understand (for when students do get it). Have a standard email that we send out to everyone who receives financial aid. Ensure they understand that everything is covered.
  • Student schedule should link to or contain more class details
  • We should change our age policy to "age X-Y, OR in grade A-B", rather than "age X-Y if home-schooled, OR in grade A-B"
  • Students should be given a brief run-down of how to read building-class numbers (not all had been told this)

Teacher Registration

  • Don't show full list of interested students to teachers -- it will confuse them.
  • Include teacher check-in on everyone's schedule
  • Emphasize the need to bring your own mac adapter; organize mac adapters in containers
  • Develop a faster, more streamlined teacher check-in
    • Assembly line for teacher check-in: better line markings
    • Have multiple lines for teacher check-in
  • Implement online receipt upload system for teachers (e.g. on teacher's registration page) in order to simplify and accelerate the reimbursement process
  • Ask teachers if we can open extra sections before the lottery is run.


  • Open reg on a weekend? Put catalog up before reg opens so people can look through beforehand?
  • list for people graduating to sign up (people lose @stanford addresses)
  • Better count of students we think haven't registered (from busses is where the bulk of them come, I think, so we should be able to estimate this?)
  • Class changes instructions printed *on* schedule
  • Complement of name tags as attendance of preregistered students
  • Waivers for just new teachers. We should have the older waivers on file....
  • Order more tables and waste bins. More than half the cost will be labor anyway, so there isn't much advantage to getting just the right number.
    • Get the tables delivered to Lomita.
  • Work on internal how-to documents / the wiki / dropbox. Consolidate documents!
  • Splash letter-heads for thank-you notes to our helpers (i.e. danny finale)
  • Record Splash TED type talks -- film courses & post them online
  • Speed up the website even more
  • Make a better onsite grid including class length
  • We may want to start coordinating directly with the area manager for the Quad so when building managers complain to him about messed on Monday he doesn't automatically assume we're guilty. We'd need to run this by Nanci Howe.
  • Re-establish a per-hour deal with Unicco. They quoted per room this time and we way over-paid. We also need to add emptying indoor trash cans Sunday night to our Unicco work orders
  • Contact SPOON much earlier
  • Trash sorting basically didn't happen. I don't think we have the expertise to optimize waste stations on Lomita Mall. We should ask the GEC about this in the off season

Incorporated ideas

  • fire extinguisher refilled - Done, needs to be recharged every year or so.
  • Confirmation email for volunteers: systematize volunteer emails the way teacher emails are
  • Improve food selection at lunch. Maybe add a veggie pizza option. GEC would like us to eliminate steak burritos. It may be time to re-evaluate Pizza My Heart and Treehouse as primary vendors.
  • Make the volunteer part a full featured part of the website
  • Tokens of appreciation
  • Need more space for the appreciation dinner. Its probably time for us to hire Stanford Catering and use the Oak Lounge in Tresider.
  • Day manager desk: you are stuck there you cannot move
  • Better emails: way in advance, specific ones planned.