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Info on the U-haul, Storage, and Costco run in the week before Splash. Right now, info below is from Trevor:


  • We rent our U-haul van from the Redwood City U-haul (map)
  • Use the online reservation system to reserve a U-haul Cargo Van. You will pick up the van Thursday and return the van Monday morning. You will most likely actually return the van Sunday night, but as far as U-haul is concerned, that's a Monday morning return.
  • You do not need a special license to drive the van.
  • Anyone who will be driving the van should be present when you pick up the van. In the past it has been just me
  • You do not need to get additional insurance, although it is not a bad idea
  • You will need one overnight Stanford parking pass for the Oval (Thursday night parking)


  • Much of the storage info is on the stanfordesp wiki:
  • The storage place is Menlo-Atherton Storage at the end of Marsh road (map)
  • Get at least 5 people total to help with the loading. The loading needs to happen fast.
  • I have a key to the storage unit padlock. So does Scott. We can coordinate a key transfer if you like.
  • Building 3, unit 218
  • entrance code * 03 218 0418 # (don't forget the star and pound symbols)
  • You must be out of the gate by 7pm, otherwise we get charged.
  • You can request after-hours access, but we only get 2 of these per year. Save it for Sunday night after Splash. After hours means you have to be out by 10pm.
  • If you open the gate and do not open the storage unit within some time (10 minutes?) the company is notified of an alarm.
  • If you visit the storage unit on a daylight saving transition day, the gate clock will not be adjusted for the new time.
  • Pack very efficiently! The cargo van is barely large enough for storage items and Costco food


  • We go to the Costco in Redwood City (map)
  • Costco closes at 8:30pm
  • Have others bring
  • Call a few days ahead to organize a pallet of Kirkland bottled water. You will probably talk to Viktor. When you arrive, you can organize the pallet to be brought to the loading docks, where you can load it into the van, one case at a time.
  • There is no official shopping list, but I forwarded Masha's list from two years ago as a starting point.
  • While some people are shopping, others should be loading the pallet of water into the van.
  • Others will need to bring cars. It won't all fit in the U-Haul.



  • 6:00 pm - pick up Uhaul van
  • 6:20 pm - sharp! all volunteers show up at the storage place (address below) and start loading stuff into the van
  • 6:55 pm - done loading stuff
  • 7:15 pm - arrive at Costco in Redwood City (address below)
  • 8:15 pm - leave Costco. Bring Uhaul back to Stanford
  • 8:45 pm - park van in the oval and display parking pass (don't forget to refrigerate the milk!)


  • unload U-Haul into Splash HQ. leave the van.


  • do splash


  • do splash
  • 4:00 pm - begin loading storage items into the van
  • 6:00 pm - drive to the storage place
  • 6:30 pm - arrive at storage place
  • 7:00 pm - complete storage unloading
  • 7:30 pm - back at Stanford in time for teacher dinner!
  • 8:30 pm - drive to the gas station and refill the U-haul gas
  • 9:00 pm - return the U-Haul using the after-hours key drop


This is a list of things that we need to have to do Splash. They should ideally be acquired/inventoried a few days in advance. Please add items as you think of them. Some items have been included as ideas from LU's sample list. We can remove them if we decide we don't need them.

  • Signs
  • Walkie-Talkies
  • Paper for impromptu signs
  • Sharpies
  • String to hang up signs
  • Lots of tape (especially masking/painters' tape, and some duct tape, some gaffe tape) You need more tape than you think you do.
  • Pens if being handed out to students
  • Colored paper (if appropriate) for printing different handouts for students/parents/etc
  • Extension Cords
  • VGA Cables
  • Mac Adapters
  • Teacher supplies for classes
  • Colored chalk
  • Batteries
  • Wireless Guest Accounts
  • Nametag lanyards;
  • Latex gloves for serving food;
  • Some sort of disinfectant for students to wash their hands before eating
  • Extra toilet paper, paper towels and soap for Bldg 110 bathrooms

Teacher Lounge Food

  • snacks
  • candy
  • soda
  • coffee - needs to get picked up in the morning
  • bagels and donuts - need to get picked up in the morning
  • OJ and other juices
  • some sort of wipes would be good to clean up spills and keep things clean

Here is a detailed list of the things we bought for the lounge