Day-of-Splash Printing

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2011 Fall Printing

Meal Tickets

  • MealTicketsSat.pdf
    • Print 75 copies on CYAN cardstock.
    • Cut each page into 20 tickets.
    • (1500 tickets total)
  • MealTicketsSun.pdf
    • Print 75 copies LIME cardstock.
    • Cut each page into 20 tickets.
    • (1500 tickets total)

Multiple Copies

8.5" x 11" black and white ink - Color of paper in brackets [color]

  • waiver.pdf - Print 900 copies, double-sided [white]
  • reimbursement.pdf - Print 400 copies [light green]
  • smartpanel.pdf - Print 450 copies [light blue]
  • map.pdf - Print 900 copies [white]
  • teachersurvey.pdf - print 450 copies (double sided) [light red]
  • onsite.pdf - Print 250 copies of just the first page [white]
  • classbytime.pdf - print 4 copies (staple each copy) [white]
  • cancellation.pdf - print 200 copies [white]
  • roomchange.pdf - print 75 copies [white]
  • adminbinder.pdf - print 4 copies [white, 3-hole punched]

Print Once (large files)

8.5" x 11" black & white ink - Color of paper in brackets [color]

  • teachercontact.pdf - 32 pages(staple together) [white]
  • roomschedule.pdf - 90 pages [pink]
  • classroster.pdf - 1048 pages [grey]
  • studentcontact.pdf - 47 pages (staple together) [white]

Print Once with Map on Back

8.5" x 11" black & white ink - Color of paper in brackets [color]

  • studentschedules.pdf - 1774 pages [light purple]
  • teacherschedules.pdf - 351 pages [orange]


8.5" x 11" black & white ink A single catalog consists of a cover page (on card stock) followed by printed plain paper, stapled

  • Catalog By Time
    • Make 120 of these.
    • Cover page : timecover.pdf (on YELLOW card stock, 1 page)
    • Followed by: bytime.pdf (DOUBLE-SIDED, 70 pages)
  • Catalog by Category
    • Make 25 of these.
    • Cover page : categorycover.pdf (BLUE card stock, 1 page)
    • Followed by: bycategory.pdf (DOUBLE-SIDED, 47 pages)

Name Tags

8.5" x 11" black & white ink only - Card stock Cut into 4" x 3" maximum

  • Use BLUE cardstock paper
    • Print student.pdf
    • Print blankstudent.pdf
  • Use HOT PINK card stock
    • Print staff.pdf
    • Print blankstaff.pdf
  • Use ORANGE card stock
    • Print volunteer.pdf
    • Print blankvolunteer.pdf
  • Use YELLOW card stock
    • Print teacher.pdf
    • Print blankteacher.pdf
  • Use RED card stock
    • Print blankpress.pdf

General Notes

Here is a list of things LU thinks should be printed for the day of Splash. Someone who knows about printing please adjust this list for our needs.

  • Instructions for volunteers:
    • How to check in a student (for volunteers) Use large font and good layout techniques to make this easy to navigate.
    • How to register a new student
    • How to do teacher check-in (What to give them, what to confirm with them, when to call if they haven't shown up.)
    • Schedule of Splash events as a checklist, so that the coordinator at any time can check off tasks and write in new tasks for the future (when they're not around), such as moving classes, etc.
    • How to do Help Desk, including information such as "don't give out a student's personal information, ever."
    • How to run front desk, including what to do in various situations (class changes, lost students, etc.). Tape these to front desk.
    • How to do security, including handling various types of situations, expected behavior for going into classrooms or not, etc.
  • Student schedules, alphabetized
  • Meal vouchers
  • Campus maps for students, with important locations (e.g. where to eat, front desk, where you're picked up) indicated clearly
  • Teacher packets
    • Class rosters
    • Class schedule
    • Reimbursement form
    • Important numbers to call and what to do in various situations
    • Information on teacher dinner
    • Teacher survey
    • Form to return for class count
  • Door signs (one for each room, listing classes there)
  • Admin guide
    • Lists of classes sorted by time (subsorted by name), teacher, name, number, and classroom (subsorted by time --- for the "we need to switch a class into a room with x, what other class would we have to move?" question). These should include teacher contact information, class location, and time.
    • List of all teachers, sorted by name with teacher contact information
    • List of all administrators, what they're in charge of, phone numbers, when they're free or busy
    • List of campus phone numbers (campus security, facilities, people in charge of the rooms being used, restaurant for teacher dinner, numbers of restaurants making food deliveries, Splash photographer, anyone else providing services)
  • Extra liability waivers and medical forms
  • Splash catalogs (of all classes & just open classes) (for student browsing, class changes); most of the printed copies should be sorted by time, then category (most useful for students looking for a class at a particular time)
  • Class change forms
  • New registration forms
  • Receipts for new registration to be filled-in
  • Parent guides (what is a parent's role/what can I do in the area?)
  • Student handbooks (e.g. discussing expected behavior, how to navigate campus, etc.)
  • Teacher check-in checklist (For each day of the program, each teacher should be listed once, under the time of their first class; their cell phone number and e-mail should also be there)
  • Volunteer check-in checklist (Volunteers by time; include cell-phone number)
  • Any surveys to be handed out in-person
  • Copies of room reservations, in case there is a dispute over space
  • An hour-by-hour log of what should happen at what times, taped to the front desk. In this way, any volunteer knows what needs to happen; additionally, a volunteer at one time can write an event that needs to happen in the future so that future volunteers see it. For example, this indicates when new staff shifts start; what food should be delivered when; when and how meal setup should happen; when and how photo setup should happen; what A/V needs to be delivered where and when; and blank slots for new items
  • Brightly-colored "class moved" signs that can be filled in with the class name
  • Signs for navigation around campus (All with pointers towards front desk)
  • Signs for registration procedures (How to pay --- e.g. who to make the check out to; what you should have ready --- e.g. signed waiver form; etc.)
  • Signs breaking students up into lines
  • Editable signs for canceled/moved classes
  • Nametags for students
  • Nametags for teachers
  • Nametags for admins
  • Checklist of signs-by-location for putting them up
  • Financial Aid forms (for students who have not yet filled them out and wish to do so on-site)